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What are Connect Groups?

These small groups are a vital part of our community with members helping each other to grow in faith, build relationships and support one another.  Connect Groups are where our large Pastorate gets small. These small groups of 10-15 members meet in people's homes each week. Connect Groups meet to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly message, and support one another in their relationship with Christ.  The date and time of the weekly meetings vary by group. Meetings last approximately 90 minutes: 10-15 minutes of fellowship; an opening prayer; discussion; announcements; and closing prayer.

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Start a Connect Group

Connect Group Leaders have a special role. Ultimately, the group leader facilitates the work of God. Group leaders assist the Holy Spirit in building connections by opening their homes as a meeting place for the group, guiding the discussion, and accompanying the members in their journey of faith. 

To join a Connect Group, send us a message. We can send you information about group times and locations to find the right group for you.

Connect Group Materials

Check out the link below for the last couple weeks of the message series videos. We also provide discussion questions to lead your Connect Group through the message for the week.

Image by Dylan Gillis
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