Changed Lives – Week 3

For in…[Christ] the fullness [of God] was pleased to dwell,

and through… [Christ] reconcile all things…making peace by the blood of the cross...

Colossians 1:20

My Dear Friends in Christ,

the feast of Christ the King…reminds you all…that your vocation as children of God in the world does not only require you to achieve personal holiness, but to walk on the earth's highways, turning them into shortcuts that lead souls, despite the obstacles, to the Lord. This is why we Christians have been called; this is the apostolic task and concern that must consume our souls and make Christ's kingdom a reality...

Pope Saint John Paul II Angelus, November 26, 2000 - The Great Jubilee

These words of Pope Saint John Paul remind us of what we celebrate in a special way today. The Feast of Christ the King is about the Victory of the Cross, the Victory of Sacrifice, the Victory of Love. It’s the victory of God’s love for us and our sharing in that victory by helping others to seek and to see Christ present and active in their lives, by as John Paul tells us, creating “shortcuts to Jesus for others.” The presence of God, of God’s love made known in Jesus Christ, of Christ the King, the victory that the abundance God’s love creates in the life of another, that’s the victory we share. And it happens once heart, one soul, one life at a time.

Throughout the pastorate today, we celebrate all the hearts and souls and lives of those changed by Jesus Christ. We celebrate the work of God made known through our efforts and our generosity, the grace poured into so many because we take seriously our mission to love God, love others and make disciples, because we are realizing our vision to make Church matter so that all can come to know and be fully alive in Christ Jesus. We celebrate our trust in God made known in the sharing of our treasure. And we celebrate that all of this is just the beginning as we seek to share our good fortune with others (and not just through Fortune Cookies!!)

We also celebrate today our new pastorate website. Thanks to Karen who began this massive project and to Emily who refined it and brought it home. It was (and remains!) our intent to reach out with the website in a way that is dynamic, captivating and, yes, fun, especially to young families and young people, to those who may have been away for a while, to those who are searching but aren’t quite sure for what. Stop by in the narthex to catch a glimpse.

We have a lot to celebrate which means we have a great deal to thank God for, as it is God who provides every blessing. In encourage you to join us at St. Mary’s for Mass at 9:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. How blest we are to have a holiday that reminds us to thank God. How blest we are to have so much for which to thank God. How blest we are to pray for those who are struggling, those less fortunate, those without even the basic necessities. May God bless you this

Thanksgiving and always.


Fr. Rob

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