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God will walk beside you as he has walked beside me and my family.  You just have to let Him in. He will always stand beside you."

Shelly, Pastorate Parishioner


Coming to Christ wasn’t a lightning bolt moment for me. It has been a journey of seeking and, finally, listening to God calling me over many years."

Patrick, RCIA Candidate


God is here. In everything we do and every moment of our days God is near. And he wants us to be happy."

Amanda, Catholic Mom

Share your faith, share your story.

Why share my story? 

God has a plan for everyone. Discovering God’s plan for me is my story. Sharing that story could be your Next STEP to celebrate what Jesus has done for you, to experience His blessing or to help others reach for Jesus.

What if I don't think I have a story?

You can't meet Jesus and stay the same. Tell us about any turning point or remarkable experience that points to Jesus working in your life.  God’s plan for us unfolds when we allow God to work in us.  Even the smallest “coincidence” can lead us closer to God.

What if I don't know where to start? 

Writing is a great way to figure out what you want to say. Start your story from whatever point seems logical and Jesus will give you guidance from there. Don't worry about grammar or spelling. Just write like you're talking to a good friend.

What will you do with my story? 

Our staff celebrates every story! We’re working hard to help people connect with Jesus Christ and your story confirms God is at work.  We'll also look for opportunities to use your story in our events, resources and online. We won't do anything without your OK.

Some Questions to help you get started:

  • What STEP have you taken that has changed your relationship with Christ? (Serve, Tithe, Engage in Small Groups, Practicing Prayer and Sacraments, Sharing Your Story)

  • What was your life like before that STEP?

  • What were the circumstances of your life at the time you started the STEP?

  • Can you identify a specific moment you decided to take that STEP?

  • What difference has that STEP made in your life? 

  • How did you and God work to change yourself through
    the STEP?

How do I send my story?

We can’t wait to hear from you.  Send your story using the button below.  Only first names will be used but your witness could help someone else encounter Christ.  God works in and through us as we seek to work together and tell God’s Story by sharing ours.

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