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As we move forward we will be using a special check-in software and mobile app not only for K-5 Faith Formation, but also for the Nursery! We are utilizing the software called KidCheck® .


It is a computerized system where parents can set up profiles, designate adults who can drop off and pick up their children and, perhaps most important of all , who is not allowed to drop off and pick up their children. The children are checked into the system, given a printed nametag with a barcode, and the parent or assigned guardian is given a matching barcode. This barcode helps us ensure that the children are going to the right adult.

After creating an account at the link to the left, you can download and log into the app. Keep in mind there are a few settings you should have enabled on your mobile device for optimal functionality! See below to make sure you're set up correctly and ready to check your child in for Faith Formation or for Nursery!



  1. Create an account online or on the app. 

  2. Add your children. See here for details. 

  3. Add your spouse or any other guardians/authorized persons. See here for details. 

  4. Make sure KidCheck can access your location and that other settings (see below under “Key Settings”) are correct. 

  5. Follow the instructions here when it’s time to check in! 

  6. Make sure you keep your guardian receipt once printed. Remember you can also pull it up in the app! 

  7. Once your child is ready to go, they must be checked out by scanning the child barcode (on their name tag) and the barcode on the guardian receipt.

Key Settings

KidCheck needs to access your location in order to check-in remotely! Make sure you have your location services enabled and that the KidCheck app is able to access your location. 


Make sure you have Holy Family set as your child's primary pick-up location. Log in to your account on the KidCheck webpage. Click here to see where to find the correct settings. 


Don't forget to enable text message notifications! This is important should we need to contact you for any reason. Click here to see where to find the correct settings in your KidCheck account. 

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